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Webinar: How to decarbonise hard to abate industry with green hydrogen

Green Hydrogen will be essential in our energy transition and one of the pillars for Europe’s climate neutrality in 2050. In this webinar you can learn how customer demand and value chain thinking drive industrial decarbonisation with green hydrogen and what role start-ups play in this transition. 

What will the webinar cover?

  • Introduction on hydrogen
    Role in energy system, sector coupling, different types of hydrogen, main usages
  • Why green hydrogen
    Climate neutrality by 2050, Green Deal
  • European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center
    Value chain approach including the off takers vs traditional transactional approach
  • How does the value chain approach work in practice
    H2 Green Steel value chain case, Impact created
  • Importance of innovation, advancement of technologies needed
    Showcase of various relevant start-ups
  • Tracking Green Hydrogen, its sources, and consumptions. 
     Case presented by FlexiDAO: our vision is to make 24/7 carbon-free energy a reality for everyone.
  • Conclusion & follow-up
Webinar with Carina Krastel (EGHAC) and Simone Accornero (FlexiDAO) on green hydrogen
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