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Watch webinar on Low-Carbon Fertilizer

Did you miss the webinar on Commercializing Low-Carbon Fertilizer? The recording is now available here:

Learn from FertigHy, EGHAC, InVivo and Heineken!

Opening remarks from FT Chair

Panel Discussion

  • What are the principal drivers and inhibitors in the shift to low carbon fertiliser? Why is now the right time?
  • Are there enough locations with enough renewable energy and water to produce green hydrogen for use in fertiliser production?
  • For low carbon fertiliser to be commercially viable, the ‘green premium’ needs to be kept to a minimum. How should any cost increases be shared across the value chain? 
  • What technology challenges still need to be solved to make low carbon fertilisers a scalable reality?
  • How long will it take for low carbon fertilisers to reach a scale where they can be produced and sold at a competitive price?
  • What will the impact be on the end-consumer?  Will demand from consumers for ‘greener’ food help accelerate the shift?

Q&A with audience

Closing remarks from FT Chair
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