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Decarbonize hard to abate industrial value chains

Decarbonize hard to abate industrial value chains

We create industrial players which we help to de-risk and  accelerate their green hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and aviation fuel projects. We do this through early-stage investment and acceleration services which we deliver in collaboration with our ecosystem.


In addition, we support green hydrogen  projects by assessing their business case, perform a team assessment and  finally introduce them to a tailor-made advisory committee with the objective to become an active investor and to accelerate and de-risk these projects as well.

By 2025 the EGHAC wants to build a EUR 100 billion a year green hydrogen economy. This will create up to 500.000 direct and indirect jobs accross the complete value chain. The ambition for yearly demand for useful green hydrogen based energy will be 1200TwH.


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€100 billion