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Breaking new ground: how to make renewable hydrogen a reality for your industry

01.07.2021 - 01.07.2021

Webinar organized by the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition, Carina Krastel, Commercial Director of EGHAC will be one of the speakers

Renewable Hydrogen is essential for Europe’s decarbonisation. Many companies are currently looking into renewable hydrogen and some of the most exciting projects are currently underway across Europe.

But what does it take to build a successful renewable hydrogen project? What are the best practices that we can learn from business leaders that are driving the renewable hydrogen revolution? And how will we make renewable hydrogen one of the bloc’s industrial success stories? During this webinar speakers from across the value chain will share insights on best practices to make renewable hydrogen projects successful, obstacles that need to be overcome, secure funding and meet future energy needs in renewable electricity and hydrogen and achieve competitiveness. Join us to learn how your company can place Europe at the forefront of the global race for environment-friendly solutions and make Europe the leader in renewable hydrogen.

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