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European Green Steel Summit 2023

22.03.2023 - 23.01.2023
Frankfurt, Germany

The European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC) as well as sustainable iron company GravitHy will be present during the European Steel Summit 2023 in Frankfurt. If you would like to arrange a meeting upfront, just send an email to


The steel industry is one of the main sources of CO2 emissions, the “green revolution” in steel industry is vital for earth climate. Europe is the early adopter of green technology in different sectors, as well as the steel industry. According to McKinsey, in a net zero scenario, the global demand for steel would increase about 10% higher in 20250 than today, with almost 100% production will shift to low-carbon steel.
Besides, more and more end users demand low carbon material like steel, for decarbonized product. For example, automotive, construction, infrastructure, home appliance and so on. Therefore, the demand of green steel is keep increasing .However, there are still many barriers of adopting the green techs in steel industry, such as the high cost investment, less developed technology, few successful and practical business models.

In this context, European Green Steel Summit 2023 will bring together the most representatives from the leading companies in steel industry, and share the latest and most practical measures for green steel.

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