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Different workstreams cover the most important topics for advancing green hydrogen.

Promotion and co-creation of industrial projects across the value chain

Regular publications about technology developments, investment trends, actionable pathways for green hydrogen in different sectors, and barriers to tech transfer to the market. Identification of the value chains regarded as strategic at an European level on cleantech technologies. Build expertise in sector coupling.

Building connections with other industrial and energy value chains

Bring in expertise from other regions and continents. Observatory on industrialisation and manufacturing processes, materials for electrolysers, turbines and fuel cells. Pedagogy with the financial community on risks, opportunities, and technology.

Acceleration of technology development

Monitor and drive innovation across the entire value chain. Drive and give guidance to green hydrogen startups and small companies on how to manoeuvre EU and national research and innovation programs and get access to research and demonstration grants and private funding.

Stimulation of market growth

Stimulate the market using factual data and interact with other stakeholders, associations and interested parties to accelerate growth, interest and uptake

Societal acceptance

Fact checking and myth debunking regarding claims made by supporters of blue hydrogen and/or opponents of hydrogen at large. Supply factual information on green hydrogen usage, its effects on environment and prosperity.

Addressing the skills gaps

With partner universities and regional developments centers set-up & steer the development of programs on all levels of education. Ensure blue-collar expertise development as well as university programs.