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Business Investment

Accelerate transactions between investee and investor

Unique platform for key stakeholders

If a company or consortium has a plan for large scale production and utilization of green hydrogen they can participate in the EGHAC Business Investment Platform (BIP). The BIP is a unique platform for key stakeholders in green hydrogen to accelerate transactions between investee and investor.

As soon as the consortium is formed and we have carried out our initial assessments, we will match the industrial green hydrogen projects with other investors that we have in our ecosystem and that we have worked with.
The robustness of the investment cases will be enhanced resulting in:


Shorter the time to investment


Reduced business risk for the investee


Reduced investment risk for the investor

Matching industrial green hydrogen projects with investors

Depending on the number of investment proposals, the BIP will meet three to four times per year where an external panel of experts will judge the business cases. Should the advice of the expert panel be positive, a business case manager will be assigned that will bring the business case to the point where it can be pitched to other financial instruments and other investors that are present in our ecosystem. For all these services like help building a consortium and our own investment InnoEnergy expect a return. This can be equity, warrant, or other instruments.

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